The Bernedoodle journey began with Canvas Sky

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Our home in South Carolina

Our home in South Carolina

Our Bernedoodle Story 

My name is Julia Martin and I'm a grandmother now, having loved dogs and enjoyed raising them for over 40 years. 

I started with Collies many years ago, and though that time of showing and working with that beautiful breed, I saw how children need dogs in their lives and are blessed by that unconditional love.

Many years later, my granddaughter Canvas Sky fell in love with the gentle teddy bear like Bernedoodle, and I continue with my children and grandchildren to place wonderful puppies in loving homes and the journey continues.  

I've worked with dogs in every capacity and those years have reinforced my desire to place a sensible puppy who is easy to train and a joy to own with busy people who need eager to please puppies..  Beautiful, healthy puppies that fit and is a joy because they've had a good foundation.

Call Miss Julia for current puppy availability. 


Cobblestone Bernedoodle puppies for sale.
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Many of you have asked about my granddaughter Canvas Sky. Here are more recent photos, she has grown into quite the animal lover as you can see. Horses and dogs top her list. 

My daughter captured these photos during a recent family visit to a Kentucky horse farm.  They perfectly illustrate the bond that can spring up between children and animals.  This retired thoroughbred and Canvas became fast friends immediately..  

(I like to think she takes after grannie ; )

Puppies Shown By Appointment Only Please

All grown up 9-year old Canvas Sky keeps me very busy these days!

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Baby Canvas Sky

Baby Canvas Sky