Bernedoodle Puppy info, Health, Training & Prices

Sable & White Bernedoodle puppy, very similar to Tri-Color but with chocolate & golden highlights.

Sable & White Bernedoodle puppy, very similar to Tri-Color but with chocolate & golden highlights.

We typically only raise Standard size Bernedoodles as I prefer the 1st generation hybrid personality and quieter nature.  I feel it's easy to lose that more laid-back disposition if too much Poodle blood is introduced in an effort to bring down size (mini Bernies are typically 3/4 Poodle) so our puppies are a blend of two purebred parents.  The smallest of our puppies will weigh approximately 45 to 55 pounds on average, the largest from 60 to 80 pounds with the males tending to be the larger size..

Just a few of the beautiful babies in our new litter. We breed for color, conformation and temperment.

Just a few of the beautiful babies in our new litter. We breed for color, conformation and temperment.

Bernedoodle Pricing


We breed beautiful healthy Bernedoodles in unusual colors with stunning markings including very rare  and sought after Tri-color & mahogany Sable Bernedoodles.

While we endeavor to keep our Bernedoodles moderately priced and affordable for most families, quality puppies are not inexpensive.  Prices vary according to color, markings, coat texture etc. 

Bi-Color (Black & White) Bernedoodle Puppies $2500

Bi-Color (Black & White) Bernedoodle Puppies $2500

Bi-Color or Black & White Bernedoodles 

$2500 - $3500

We breed for distinct snow white markings on a jet black background. 

An extra silky coat texture keeps our Bi-Color Bernedoodles very hypoallergenic and non-shed.




Tri-Color Bernedoodle Puppy

Tri-Color Bernedoodles

$4500 - $5000

Rare colors are a passion at Cobblestone.  We specialize in stunning Tri-Color and both Sable & White & the beautiful Mahogany Sable & White Bernies with shades of chocolate and gold.  Prices are higher for puppies that approach perfection in markings coat and color.

Sable and White Bernedoodles


$4500 - $5000

My special favorites are the Sable & White puppies and the Mahogany Sable & White Bernies whose beautiful coats are shaded with chocolate and gold!

Bernedoodle puppy health 

We believe that core nutrients are vital for raising healthy puppies.  All Cobblestone puppies are started on NuVet Plus, a daily chewable multivitamin & probiotics  Agatha's Pet Wellness Advanced Probiotics and come with a 2-Year Health Guarantee. I've found it takes more than just an expensive dog food to keep dogs healthy.  Start your puppy on good supplements to help him grow up healthy and strong.  Our parents and puppies thrive on them. 

(I don't profit from any of my recommendations, and I only recommend items I use and love!)

Why “100% positive” dog training isn’t the answer to raising a amazing puppy!

Why “100% positive” dog training isn’t the answer to raising a amazing puppy!

Training the Bernedoodle puppy

I am old fashioned in my puppy raising beliefs, the current trend toward "100% Positive Dog Training" has left many pet owners feeling that they cannot use boundaries or discipline of any kind to raise their puppy.  Quite frankly? The shelters are full of dogs raised without proper training who their owners were simply unable to cope with because they felt it was cruel to use the word "No".  Millions of puppies grow up without the good manners needed for a great family pet... 

Always loving?  Absolutely!  With lots of praise to reward your good puppy but your puppy needed firmness blended with that love.

If you are a puppy novice or if it's been a while since you raised a puppy, or you don't know what supplies you need before your puppy comes home, I highly recommend New Puppy 101.  A fun read, with lots of practical puppy tips, including 3 chapters on potty training, an Amazon list of supplies new puppy owners will appreciate and lots more.. 

Puppy Tips.jpeg

Most importantly, it's written in a style that is very kid-friendly with lots of cute watercolors to help keep little people's attention (you want your kids on board with raising your new puppy properly.)

An excerpt from New Puppy 101. (Canvas loves the fun illustrations)

An excerpt from New Puppy 101. (Canvas loves the fun illustrations)

Shipping Your Bernedoodle Baby

Pet Nannies for Puppy travel

Our puppies travel with a Puppy Nanny to their new homes to ensure a comfortable and safe journey for each puppy that leaves Cobblestone.  The cost is between $450 & $650 and gives your puppy her own travel companion who will navigate your puppy gently and quickly to her new home and hand her to you at the airport.  Fees are based on puppy size and destination.  Puppies travel to major airports and availability and scheduling are limited.

A recent Bernedoodle review

"Hi Miss Julia, 

We adopted Avery (now Cookie!) last Sunday.  She has settled in just great.  Oh my heart she is spoiled rotten!  It's currently nap-time after playing with a new toy that squeaks.  

Thank you guys!

We are in love!"

Carrie from Atlanta


Beautiful Litter Of Bernedoodle 4 Puppies ready for new homes!

These really are absolutely gorgeous puppies! We loved updating their photos now that their color is starting to come in, isn’t it amazing the difference a week or so can make?!? Lots of snow white markings accent these babies, their markings are perfectly lovely. Remember, those pink noses will turn from puppy pink to shiny black, markings will stay crisp and distinct with no fading. This colorful litter of Bernie babies will be ready for homes January 15th 2019.

For questions about any of the puppies listed below, please email Miss Julia at or you can call and chat with her about your favorites at 1-843-478-0664.  

Cobblestone Faith $5000 (Puppy Star) “I’m Available!”

Mahogany Sable & White Bernedoodle Girl Puppy

A faithful dog in the making. Our darling Faith will love her family and be the most loyal and devoted canine companion on the planet! She’ll turn heads at the local dog park and trust me, have everyone begging to know where you found your Bernie baby : ) Remember, this color puppy grows up to be one of the most beautiful of all the Bernedoodle colors. Almost a Tri-Color in pattern but with lots of glossy golden lights to add character and depth to the coat, stunning! (Isn’t she the cutest little thing, she loved wearing her flowers and was very careful to keep them in place lol!)

Cobblestone Bethel $5000 (Puppy Star) “I’m Avaialble!”

Mahogany Sable & White Bernedoodle Girl Puppy

(Updated photos) Isn’t Bethel just the prettiest puppy ever!?!

Gorgeous golden highlights are starting to show in beautiful Bethel’s mahogany & snowy white coat! These babies start out looking super dark but wow, they lighten as they grow into the most amazing colors. Very reminiscent of the Tri-Color but with lots of character, the gold and chocolate overlay makes them unusual and simply stunning as adults! Such a sweet puppy, she’s super smart and trainable, a great candidate for a therapy dog.

Cobblestone Noel $5000 (Puppy Star) “I’m available!”  

Tri-Color Girl Bernedoodle Puppy The only puppy in her litter, gorgeous, she’s stunning and chock-full of Bernedoodle personality. Super smart and affectionate, she adores people and will make a delightful family companion or children’s pet. Probably because she’s an only child, Noel thinks she’s a person, she’s soooo smart and learns so quickly, she’s a brilliant!

Cobblestone Genesis $3500 (Puppy Star) I’m Available!”

Mahogany Sable & White Girl Puppy

We’re in the middle of updating pictures of these babies, here’s Genesis who is turning into the sweetest shaggy baby ever!

This is a such seriously adorable little girl with chocolate brown highlights and the a meltingly sweet expression that just captures your heart! Kind and sweetly playful, this baby will be wonderful for homes with children. Love her little white beard, and again, all that gold in her coat will blossom into wonderful accents that promise a perfectly amazing grown up Bernie!